A Brief Introduction to Colocation

By Rack Alley2

When you’re ready to begin taking your website seriously, you’ll probably begin thinking about colocation. Chances are you’ll read about it while looking into other options. At the very least, you’ll understand that typical Los Angeles web hosting methods simply won’t cut it for your unique organization.

In any case, if you’re curious about colocation, you’re obviously taking your server hosting Los Angeles seriously, which is good. The last thing you want is to have high expectations for your site only to find that it failed because your hosting was bad.

So what is colocation?

In short, it means that you use the same structure for hosting—another company’s secure private property—but get to do the actual setup yourself.

Colocation will require you to pay for your own hardware. But this should be seen as an investment as it involves you paying for something that will pay you back several times over in the future.

Furthermore, once you have it paid for, it goes to another facility. You don’t have to find space in your office for your own servers or try to figure out how you’ll keep them safe.

That’s really all it is. It’s the natural evolution of hosting methods and the future of where web hosting is going in Los Angeles.


If you know what LA web hosting could mean for your company, than you’re probably pretty excited to get started. Fortunately, all you need to do is contact the helpful experts at Rack Valley.