A DVD to iPad Video Converter for this Year’s Christmas in July

The heat descends over the city as you go through what your friends have said are the best iPad converter software reviews online — you’re trying to get a few things off that mid-year list. You know which one, the one that’s made approximately six months after the reindeer lights have been taken down, nudge, nudge. It’s Christmas-in-July time!


If the Summer Santa (you) is a through-and-through Apple user, then an iPad converter for Mac will be in order. With this nifty gadget it’ll be possible to rip DVD files into all kinds of video formats: AVI, DivX, MPEG, MOV, MP4, 3GP2, and the list goes on. Once you have the converter you’ll also be able to get iPad files to your iTunes and backup or transfer music and video files between your portable device and your more stationary computer gear. The program will not only make it way easier to convert files, but you’ll also be able to copy and create your own DVD movies.

To choose the best DVD converter software for you, take into consideration your technological know-how. You don’t want a converter so sophisticated that it’ll take you days to figure out how to perform the most basic functions. But you also don’t want something that will only allow you to do the basics. Go through product reviews to ascertain a happy medium. In no time you’ll be making and sharing your very own DVDs.