Android Pay from Google coming soon

Apple Pay has created software frenzy among other competing operating systems. Android is no different and now they are getting ready to introduce Android Pay for Android run devices. Google introduced the new Android Pay app at its developer conference in May 2015. Android Pay will replace its Google Wallet mobile payment system. At the time of the disclosure they did not disclose a launch date but many expect that to be soon.

Google’s Android Pay is entering the market now increasingly occupied by Apple Pay and others. Users are just catching up with soon to be available Samsung Pay. But Google promise that Android Pay will be easier to use at any place where a credit card is accepted and without having to buy a special device to use the system. But near field communication (NFC) and short-range wireless communication are needed to operate Android Pay. It will power in-app as well as tap-to-pay purchases on mobile devices. Google has 60 percent of the mobile OS market which will make Android Pay penetration much easier for the company. With the new payment system, Google expect to overcome issues that plagued Google Wallet. Google Wallet will stick around to deal with Play Store purchases for non-Google devices.