New Apple iPad to be Launched on March 2

Following the invitation of several media outlets to a press-only event that has been organized by Apple and scheduled for March 2, analysts say that this event is most likely to be where Apple launches iPad 2.

With the invitation having the teaser “Come see what 2011 will be the year of”, and with Apple’s reputation for not revealing which product will be unveiled at events, analysts have come to this conclusion as Apple intends to launch a new tablet product by April marking the first-year anniversary when the original model was sold.

This event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco starting at 10 PT, where Apple also held its last event as well in September 2010 that saw the release of the revamped Apple TV.

Most experts say that this will be one more thing that Apple is famous for and will literally steal the show as the popularity of the original version is clearly indicated through the sale of 14.8 million iPads in 2010.

However, some experts believe that this will not only be just about the iPad 2 but there will be news about Apple latest’s OS offering also known as Lion while others believe that this event will also herald the release of a new line of MacBook Pro notebooks as they would want to continue to drive Mac sales as well as give the MacBook Pro recognition as well.