Device and Printer Management in Windows 7

If you are one of those people who have made the switch to Windows 7 from Vista or XP, you would be wondering how you survived working with those operating systems for so long. For most people Windows 7 is the operating system that Microsoft should have delivered a long time ago. The optimization and sheer ease of use are a joy to behold.

One of the functions that Microsoft has improved vastly is the process of managing printers and devices. In previous versions, device and printer management was a tedious task that involved several different applets like Device Manager, My Computer, Game Controller, Mouse, etc.

However, in Windows 7, everything is found in one location. Microsoft has placed the Device and Printer Management on the Windows 7 Start Menu because of its importance in daily functions.

The new applet functions in a smart way that not only displays plug and play components which users will need to play with but also determines other matters like display settings for an external monitor. These settings do not apply to a laptop display. Each device features a context menu, which makes adjusting these settings very easy. Adjusting printer settings can also be done through this applet, making it very versatile. In addition to this, the applet allows for browsing of all printers attached to the computer, installing printers, displaying relevant tasks to attached devices and displaying information related to these devices.

As you can see, Microsoft has worked hard to provide a better user experience with Windows 7 and this applet is just one example of that effort.

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