How to optimize the use of Windows

Windows is the preferred OS used by millions worldwide due to its comprehensive features and user friendly interface. If you are a Windows user you would have realized that with use the OS begins to slow down. Here are some reasons why the system slows down and ways to avoid it happening to optimize the performance of the system.

Delete temporary files

If you have a large number of temporary files it will affect the performance as it uses up a lot of space. Use a computer cleaning program to remove unwanted temporary files.

Make sure the hardware is compatible with the OS you are running and that all hardware components are in good working order.


Use good anti-virus software to prevent virus attacks and if necessary use an anti-malware, anti-spyware and a registry cleaner program.

Turn off visual effects

Disabling some of the visual effects such as the way menus open and close, the way shadows are displayed and the transparent glass look can help speed up the computer.

Defragment the hard drive

Defragmentation organizes data that is fragmented which over works the system. Doing a scheduled defragmentation will enable the computer run more efficiently.