Adobe Releases New Open Source Projects

Earlier this month, Adobe released two new projects to help the open source community utilize flash technology more effectively. The first of these is the Open Source Media Framework, which allows developers to more effectively use flash technology in their media players. The second is the Text Layout Framework, a tool that helps developers use flash to create more advanced methods of displaying text.

As these are open source projects, their source code is available for free at the following web pages:

The Open Source Media Framework:

The Text Layout Framework:

The Open Source Media Framework, formerly known by codename Strobe, provides developers with the tools they need to provide advanced playback and navigation controls. In addition, it includes features such as plugins for tracking user data and advertising.

The Text Layout Framework allows developers to create more visually appealing typographic layouts and effects to Flash presentations. Working in conjunction with the next text engine in Flash Player 10, the Text Layout Framework allows developers to flow text around images and across columns, while also offering support for vertical and bidirectional text.

These releases will likely further solidify Adobe’s dominance of the online media market. By working more closely with open source developers, Adobe will be able to ensure that as usage of open source software increases, they do not lose their market share of online content. In addition, Adobe has been attempting to reach more users by providing flash technology to cell phones and other mobile devices.