Security concerns of smartphones get center stage

Smartphone are becoming must have for anyone. Unfortunately its popularity and utility are attracting more hackers causing security concerns. Smartphones hold personal data similar to your PC or laptop. Many check their e-mails, share photos and do their banking on smartphones more than ever. In order to improve efficiency companies provide smartphones to their employees making the whole company more vulnerable to hackers. Hackers and malicious software constantly trying to get into your smartphone and thieves are after your smartphone itself. Today safeguarding your smartphone is critical more than ever before.

Most of the smartphones available in the market comes with basic security measures such as PIN and finger swipe technology already installed. Unfortunately, they are not enough to protect your smartphone from viruses and hackers. Major security software available for smartphones includes McAfee Mobile Security Premium, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, Avast! Mobile Security, Webroot SecureAnywhere Mobile Premier. They provide you with the ability to lock your phone and the SIM card remotely, and wipe your personal information and activate built-in GPS chip to find your device if you lose it or stolen. Pay attention to battery life and protection and detection when choosing and installing security software.