Subcontractor Software

If you are in the market for new subcontractor software for accounting, document management, or general project management, it is important to select software that includes practical modules that are designed to make your job easier. While many construction companies may opt to use basic accounting software like QuickBooks for their accounting needs, the basic software will not provide the specific tools and modules that are commonly used within the construction industry. For example, industry-specific software, such as AccuBuild Construction Accounting Software, offers a client’s module so that you can maintain a list of your company’s customers, vendors, subcontractors, and architects. The client’s module also provides a database so that you can input your client’s profile data and lien information. This information can be used later to pull out important items such as insurance certificate expiration dates, bonds, and warranty information—all of which are essential to the construction industry. General contractor software also comes equipped with other important features, such as change order tracking software. This type of software enables you to find revenue for work outside a job’s original scope. However, these are just some of the duties related to running a construction company. The best type of software is one that integrates a wide range of tasks so that you can easily view and access important data in one location. AccuBuild allows you to integrate accounting, jobs, project management, purchasing, equipment, and more.