4 Step Process for EDI Implementation


Implementing EDI across your organization and its vendors can be an extremely complex and time consuming task. However with a systematic and structured approach the implementation can be successful. Here is a tfour step process for a successful EDI implementation:

Even with edi outsource, the implementation can involve a significant investment. Part of the investment is time and in order to support the implementation as it progresses it is important to have the right organization structure. This can include an EDI coordinator, a steering committee, a sponsor from within senior management and a dedicated team for the the implementation

Undertake a strategic review of all systems and identity which suppliers, vendor, departments etc will be part of the implementation and prioritize the order. Some considerations for priority would be the volume and types of transactions.

Conduct an in depth analysis to gauge readiness of the various units identified in the review and reorder based on cost, time and the greatest savings delivered from the implementation. Also consider which components of EDI will be implement first, such as web edi.

Run a pilot project with the various business partners and business units involved. This step is extremely important and allows the business to show the benefits of the implementation to all the stakeholders. This is also where any additional issues that did not come up in any of the previous steps are likely to surface.