Checkout page tips to improve sales

Written by Secure Net Shop

The checkout page is without doubt the most important page on your shopping cart. It is where the final decisions are made and how they are setup can make a material difference to your sales. Here are three tips on how to improve sales and conversions from simple changes to the checkout page:

One click upsell

This should be familia for anyone who orders from Amazon. The one click upsell is to allow your customer to buy anything else with one click. This is only possible if the user is registered and you have the credit card on file. However, once you do, this allows the customer to buy whatever they see with single click, using the card on file along with previous shipping preferences.


A money back guarantee is almost standard for more retailers. However, bumping up the period of the guarantee can have a big effect on sales. SamCart released some figures on their sales stats recently, and in it, increasing the period from 30 to 60 days resulted in a 81% increase in sales.


There is a lot of debate online on how to end the price of your products. The most popular for sometime was to end in a 7. While another was to end with 5. Based on more SamCart data, it appears that there was a 19% increase in sales for a product when the price ended with a 0.

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