Clean your computer to run it faster

Your computer start to slowdown as it gets old. This is due to many reasons including hard drive nearing capacity, corrupt files and malware, viruses, hardware issues and many others. Here is a list of things you can do to make it run bit faster.

  • Your hard drive accumulates swap files and temporary files. You can free up hard drive space by purging and deleting unnecessary files.
  • Corrupt and fragmented hard drive also contributes to the slowness of your computer. Run ScanDisk, Defrag, chkdsk and others to cleanup your hard drive and to run your computer more efficiently.
  • Viruses and malware are major reasons to slowdown computers and sometime they result in wiping off all data. Use free malware or virus scan software to locate and delete them. Having anti-virus software in a computer is a must in today’s environment.
  • Hardware conflicts contribute to slow down your computer and they are easy to find and fix.
  • If you are running older Windows software you may want to consider upgrading provided that your computer can support a new and latest version. They come with many new safeguards too.
  • Upgrading hardware such as drives may also help to improve the speed of your computer.