Flash in 3D?

Since it was introduced, Adobe Flash has brought a different dimension to web browsing. It hasn’t been the best companion for dial-up connections, but for the rest of the world Flash represents a little bit of class.

However, it has had its critics like Steve Jobs for instance, who refused to support it in the iPad. It has also come under siege from HTML5 and all the new standards. So what does it do? It goes and throws in something totally new, like 3D graphics, into the mix.

So far, no significant details have emerged about what will be offered. The exact details will only come to light during the Adobe Max Conference, which is scheduled to be held in October. But for now, what we do know now is that Flash has committed itself to a 3D API which should be out early next year (or late this year if we are lucky). Imbert Thibault, Flash Player product manager, sees 3D flash being used for Games, Augmented Reality and Interactive purposes in the very near future.

Currently, Flash is threatened by HTML5’s 2D graphics technology known as Canvas and the CSS downloadable font technology known as WOFF. The foray into 3D is a good call by Flash but it will not be alone. Already Chrome, Firefox and Safari are trying out the web version of OpenGL – WebGL. Surprisingly Microsoft is not entertaining any WebGL fantasies in the upcoming release of IE9. The battle between Flash 3D and WebGL and Microsoft trying to catch up should be entertaining to watch in the very least.

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