How to make your Laptop Battery last longer

There is a proper way to use your laptop battery. First of all, there is a method called the battery memory effect. Fully discharging and charging a nickel-based battery can be harmful. However, the lithium battery of today may be charged no matter what the current percentage is and will have no effect on the battery’s performance. Many laptop owners often wonder if they can take the battery out when it is plugged in. The answer depends on the situation. If the battery is fully charged to the laptop and it is plugged in, you can remove the batteries safely because when the battery is fully charged it no longer receives charging energy. However, if your laptop does not get hot, you can leave the battery inside the laptop. But if you use your laptop constantly for things such as gaming, you should remove the battery while it is plugged in so that you can prevent overheating.

             Should you need to purchase a Dell replacement battery, it is recommended you only buy another battery when the laptops’ current battery is degraded. If you are purchasing a battery as a spare and you will not use it for a while, you need to be sure that it’s charged at about 40% and needs to be stored somewhere that is fresh and dry such as a refrigerator. Purchasing a Lenovo charger can be used to charge battery. It is important to remember that heat is the greatest enemy of the lithium battery. So therefore, avoid leaving your laptop in your vehicle on a hot sunny day or else you may kill your laptop battery.