Memory Leak Reported After Windows 7 Released To Manufacturing

Microsoft released Windows 7 to manufacturing, MSDN and TechNet Subscribers in English on August 7, 2009. Less than a day later rumors started that it had a bug that could dampen its success. The program in question was the Windows API code pack for the NET framework and the Windows 7 SDK pack. These allow developers to test compatibility of their systems with the new version. Volume license customers have had the Training Kit for developers as well.

The tech industry is looking forward to Windows 7 as Vista did not do that well. The only problem is researchers say they have found a bug that causes large memory leaks and could cause the final release date to be delayed.

Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft Windows Division President, has been noted to say that despite the rumors, the disk checking software chkdsk has not been reported as having any crashes. He also stated that there was one beta issue report on memory usage in the operating system, but that it was resolved quickly.

Windows 7 has not been released yet to the general masses (end users), so any reports of a “showstopper” bug being reported would be in its earliest stages, said a vice president at Interpret, Michael Gartenberg. He said that Micorsoft still has months to fix any bug before its launch of Windows 7 on October 22, 2009. Windows 7 is not ready to be released to end users as yet, for the very reason that sometimes bugs and things do not get discovered right away Gartenberg said. He added that Windows 7 has been released to manufacturers and developers. Gartenberg stressed that the final versions of this software will be tested much further before general availability. This does not include the RTM versions the bug supposedly has been found on that go to developers.

It is a sign of the world we live in today, word gets out that an operating system or program is finished, bloggers review it and almost immediately start reporting problems.