New Search Feature For App Engine SDKs, Announces Google

In latest developments, Google has recently informed its users through its blog of a new search feature that can be used to build notification, to filter, or to monitor services if you use the Python Software Development Kit for Google’s cloud platform App Engine.

Since the Google App Engine offers developers the option of hosting and building cloud-based applications on the very same systems that Google uses to power its own offerings in the form of applications, this development is no doubt useful to thousands of developers around the world who use the App Engine SDK for either Java or Python.

Also known as the Prospective Search API, it provides developers with the ability to search for queries on live data, which according to Google helps them find what they are looking for in real time as opposed to running searches by using search engines.

One of the best places where Prospective Search API can come in handy is when applications need to look for the latest updates on social media sites.  This is where its ability to analyze, filter, monitor, and notify developers of updates will be of great use.

Google has also said that Python and Java SDK have been updated so that developers can run their own quality checks on the written code without having to rely on App Engine production services from now on.  Also, users can now send multiple requests altogether.

And while these SDKs can be downloaded from Google’s site, developers should be aware that these App Engine SDKs are still under development.