Tests you can run with videos on your e-commerce store

Article written by Technology innovations

Online shopping sites have found that adding video can increase sales and conversion rates. However, what most do not do is test the video setup to maximize its benefits. The video like all parts of an e-commerce operation needs to be optimized for conversions. The most effective way to do this is to A/B test different video elements to find what works for your customers. There are shopping cart solutions that come with A/B testing ability. Here are two tests that can be run:

No video

The first test should be to compare if video helps the conversion process at all. Run the test on a product which gets sales and has a consistent conversion ratio. This way an accurate comparison can be made when the video is introduced to the product page. An improvement in the ratio over a period of time will indicate that video does work for your products. This test can be done using cheap shopping cart software since the metrics are external.


The video itself can be exactly what a customer would need to see in order to complete a sale. However, if they don’t see it then it’s a wasted opportunity. This is where the thumbnail of the video comes in. The better the thumbnail the more likely the visitor will click on it. There are videos which have a very specific frame inserted to act as the thumbnail. Test at least three variations and views.


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