The App Store

Debut in 2008, the App Store revolutionized the way we interact with customers and outside software developers. Until the introduction of the App Store, it was Microsoft’s open air platform that allowed anyone to develop programs.

The App Store keeps a tighter control over the content. As a result, consumers get a quality product free of malware and without marketing gimmicks.

Over the years the App Store got really big. Thousands of new apps are submitted each month and the Apple employees are spending very little time to review them due to the high volume. It has more than 600,000 games, tools and other programs. Managing this vast empire has become a burden to the App Store. This has created an opening for some software companies to push their clients rankings to the front of the list and make a good business out of it. These software companies charge $9,000 to $13,000.

In February 2012, the Apple instituted a new policy banning developers who uses services that promise higher rankings. Since the adoption of this policy, the App Store has seen a reduction of downloads. Additionally, Apple has hired search engines to help tablet and smart phone owners find apps without using the leaderboard.