Benefits of Earning a Microsoft Certification

Written by Brand College

If you are considering an IT career, earning a Microsoft Certification could constitute of a plus in several ways. This is an effective way to show your knowledge and skills in IT while improving your employability. Such courses are generally readily available and can be completed in quite a small amount of time.

Objectively demonstrate your level of knowledge

Among the major benefits of having such as certification, one of the most important ones is that you would be able to show your knowledge with all objectivity. Employers would be ensured that you possess the prerequisites for an IT job through the certification. Indeed, such a certificate is an ideal third-party validation showing competency. According to the statistics compiled by Microsoft, about 91% of recruiters use this certification as a criteria when it comes to choosing candidates. Over 60% of IT managers also value these certifications as a demonstration of skills.

Professional advantage regarding new technologies

A Microsoft certified individual is able to show a wide understanding of numerous functions and in terms of new software. People having these certifications are able to understand features of new products thanks to their training.

Skills Lead to Increased Income

People having earned such certifications have been able to secure job with higher pays. This might be due to the fact that they have acquired technical skills and competencies that they have been able to hone in their individual professions.

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