Google’s Farmer Update cleans up spam

Article submitted by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express

Recently Google had a major algorithm update that has been called the farmer update by the community. The update was done to eliminate those pages that use duplicate content to regenerated content from other sites and RSS feeds. Also the so called “content farms” were effected. These are sites like article directories and sites that offer a lot of content with possibility of some being regenereted. Some examples are, and

According to Google this update has effected about 10% of their search results. Many content type sites have seen a reduction in rankings and reduced traffic, since the update.

This update, is just another steps in many algorithm updates Google has had over time to combat spammers. Our advice to avoid getting penalized by such updates would be to generate as much fresh content as possible and avoid any duplicate content on your sites copied from elsewhere or even between your own websites.

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