Microsoft introduces faster Office 365 updates to compete with the competition

Google Drive which came out on April 24, 2012 allows users with cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. Google Docs which is a part of Google Drive is an alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel. Since its introduction in April 2012, Google Drive has been updated more than 100 times so far. Other contenders for Microsoft Office’s SharePoint include Dropbox, Box and Jive Software. What will happen to Microsoft, the dominant Office software maker?

Google Drive and Google Docs are real contenders for Microsoft Office. The cloud based software doesn’t require users to download and install supplements or updates. This has been a real selling point for Google and a thorn in the face of Microsoft. Since its introduction in 1989, Microsoft updated the software, on average every three years. Microsoft dominated the market with more than one billion Office users worldwide and accounting for one half of its $24 billion yearly revenue. Now Microsoft is trying to respond to its competition and intends to update its cloud-based Office 365 weekly. For those who prefer pre-packaged updates, they will still be available. This may help Microsoft to keep its one billion worldwide Office 365 corporate and individual customers happy.