Microsoft Windows 8 Training For Laptop, Tablet Users

Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest operating system that is about to be released by Microsoft.  The operating system has been developed not only for personal computers, but also for tablets and hybrids where there is a desktop or laptop personal computer that incorporates a touch-screen.  Windows 8 is a major change for Microsoft though, which is why Microsoft Windows 8 training is key if you are going to try and make the switch.


There are tons of changes to Microsoft Windows 8 that users are going to be thrown off guard by the first time they go to utilize the new operating system.  Some of the bigger changes include the fact that Microsoft has completely gotten rid of the Start button on the normal desktop.  On top of that, they have introduced a tile system where your programs will appear as tiles on your new desktop display.  These can be grouped, organized, changed in size, and so on.  This is a huge departure from the traditional desktop structure that we have seen in the past for Microsoft.  Overall, the new operating system has a steep learning curve.


Companies such as K Alliance have done a great job of putting together training for Windows 8 to help get people up to speed with the new operating system and all that it has to offer.  They have also put together great programs to offer Microsoft Windows Server 2012 online training as well as SCCM 2012 training videos.  They truly have the latest and greatest software covered, and can be great resources for users of these products.