Office is Heading to the Cloud

With Google considerably dominating the online world with its differentiated assortment of services, including Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, Gtalk and several others, Microsoft has been struggling to compete in the online market. Their latest positioning tactic has been to market Office 365’s key characteristic, its availability both online and offline, which is the main difference from Google’s solely online-driven applications. Microsoft’s team believes that providing clients with the ability to use services both online and offline will convert some die-hard Google fans to their side, with the simple offer of added convenience of operation outside of the online world.

The other main benefit of Office’s new 365 is its move to cloud computing, adding an even higher convenience factor for users by allowing them to access programs and files from anywhere on the go. With cloud computing steadily on the rise as more users understand the unbeatable benefits of being able to remotely access their important documents, it’s no wonder that Microsoft is jumping on the wagon and making sure their clients receive the same benefits.

With the announcement came an almost 4 point boost to Microsoft stock, seemingly confirming that the move is in line with what the public is expecting as well as signifying a strong confidence from investors in this move. Even with the boost, everyone is still eagerly waiting to see just how exactly Microsoft plans on implementing cloud computing into their latest release and whether or not it will hit the mark on where the next generation of computing is going.