Software Tools to Manage iTunes Playlist

Do you love Apple iTunes? Well, here’s a list of “Software Tools to Manage iTunes Playlist” that we think you will enjoy using. In fact, many of the software tools will allow you to extend and customize iTunes to your liking.

Software Tools to Manage iTunes Playlist

Dupe Eliminator for iTunes – Is a great tool that you can use to eliminate duplicate songs that are cluttering up your playlist collection. Dupe Eliminator works great with the latest versions of Windows operating system. The software tool will quickly remove duplicate songs, podcasts, audio books, movies and TV shows.

Super Playlist for iTunes – When you’re having a difficult time finding a particular song or track, because your iTunes playlist collection is so large, use Super Playlist for iTunes. This slick software tool will organize and add special folders to your iTunes music library. You will be able to view all your songs by each artist or all songs on an album by each artist.

Media Finder for iTunes – Can be used to help you locate lost video and audio files on your computer. The software tool can be added to iTunes to find songs and audiobooks in your music library. And you can use the software’s features to only scan a certain file type in iTunes or on your hard drive. Media Finder will group all of the files that it finds in “Audio,” “Video” and “All” tab panes.

Library Switcher for iTunes – You will be able to create more than one iTunes music library and switch between multiple music libraries on your hard drive. The software tool is easy to use and designed to keep track of all your music libraries.

StreamTunes for iTunes – Use this software tool when you want to stream your iTunes music library from anywhere using wireless devices such as an iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch. After you install the software tool on your computer, you will have to log in remotely or send an email notification to someone.